AI Actions

Retrieve real-time data from Shopify, Google Sheets, or other external APIs effortlessly.

Seamless integration, limitless possibilities.

Harness the dual power of dynamic data retrieval and AI enhancement with our platform, enabling not only real-time access to critical information but also the continuous training of AI for increasingly accurate and effective results.
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Real-Time Insights
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Enhanced Experience

No-Code AI actions: simplicity meets power.

Streamline customer interactions with our No-Code AI Actions, featuring easy integration, instant updates, and personalized engagement.
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Effortless Integration
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Real-Time Updates
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Customized Engagement
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Frequently asked questions about AI Actions.

What is AI Actions?
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AI Actions is a cutting-edge feature by LiveChatAI aimed at transforming customer engagement across various industries. It allows for real-time data processing, offering personalized updates and responses to your customers. Whether it's providing Shopify order statuses or tailored weather forecasts, AI Actions enable a seamless, customized experience for each interaction.
What solutions does AI Actions offer?
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AI Actions offers a variety of solutions to enhance customer experiences, including:

Personalized interactions and immediate updates from any API.
Support for data-driven decisions with accurate analytics. Customizable workflows that can be implemented by users of all skill levels to streamline business processes.
How can I integrate AI Actions with my platform?
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AI Actions can be integrated using three primary methods:

Webhooks: For real-time automated responses or actions based on specific events. Connect LiveChatAI with various applications and services through a visually intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.
Open API: For a more sophisticated level of integration, ideal for dynamic interactions within your digital ecosystem.
How do Webhooks work with AI Actions?
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Webhooks "listen" for specific events in one application and automatically trigger a corresponding action in another. They're versatile for notifications, data synchronization, and automating workflows in real-time, making them an invaluable tool for responsive customer engagement strategies.
Can I automate tasks with AI Actions and
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Yes, our integration with allows users to automate tasks by connecting the AI bot to multiple services. This is facilitated through's robust webhooks, providing a seamless automation process across various platforms.
Is it possible to set up a Shopify order tracking system using
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Yes, it is possible to track Shopify orders with the help of LiveChatAI. Before setting up, please ensure that you have a Shopify store, and LiveChatAI account. To learn more about how to start the Shopify order tracking process, please visit our help documentation.
What if I have questions or need help setting up AI Actions?
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Whether you have a quick question or need detailed assistance, our dedicated support team is just a click away, ready to serve you. You can contact us through the widget on our website or email us at [email protected].
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Some reviews
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"Implementing LiveChatAI has been a game-changing experience for Popupsmart. Before LiveChatAI, we struggled with overwhelming support queries and long response times. Our support team was continually playing catch-up, and we were worried about customer satisfaction."
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Zeynep from Popupsmart
"Another fantastic feature is the bot's ability to send sample codes using Markdown formatting. This is extremely beneficial for our users, as it allows them to see code snippets in a clean, easy-to-read format. It's like having a knowledgeable developer on-hand to provide quick snippets, all automated and available 24/7."
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Nusret from Formcarry
"As a growing e-commerce business, we needed a solution to handle our increasing customer inquiries. LiveChatAI has been the perfect answer. Watching it learn and adapt to our business needs has been fantastic. It's given us a whole new perspective on customer interaction."
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Berna from QRCodeDynamic
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