Send Automated Critical Issue Alerts to Slack on AI Chatbot

Imagine that you get notifications on your Slack channel to reach your customers sooner.

It is not impossible when you integrate LiveChatAI and Slack.

There are some steps to follow when sending automated critical issue alerts to Slack with your AI chatbot.

That’s how you will get quick notifications and provide instant answers to questions.

Before starting the process, here is a little spoiler:

  • You should decide on the triggers for your AI chatbot.
  • Just copy the template to make the process faster and only make the necessary changes on the template.
  • Make sure that your connection is available on

How to Create an AI Action for Sending Critical Issues to Slack

Before starting the process, here is the ready template for sending automated critical issue alerts on Slack through your AI chatbot on

If you are ready to create an AI action to send critical issue alerts to Slack, let’s start!

1- After signing into your LiveChatAI account, move to the AI Actions tab by clicking on the “Create an AI action” button.

create AI action for the LiveChatAI dashboard

2- You should determine a condition to specify the triggers of your AI actions.

condition for AI action on LiveChatAI

3- For the inputs, you should choose what your AI action will trigger and what you will expect from your audience.

inputs to fill in for the AI action

Please don’t forget to click “Create”.

4- When you have done with your AI action, you can edit it whenever you want. There is also a part where you can change the fallback message.

created AI action for Slack alerts

What you need to pay attention to are the following:

When you are using the template, there will be some parts that you need to customize with your personal information and your expectations from your AI chatbot.

  • For the first module, you need to connect your LiveChatAI account to the module.
the LiveChatAI module for connecting Make
  • For the second, you need to connect your Slack account and choose the necessary arrangements. There, you should pay more attention to the Blocks part since your scenario needs a markdown format to make it work.
the Slack module for creating a message
  • For the last module, you need to prepare a message, especially what your audience will see when you get the critical issue alert on your related Slack channel. Therefore, feel free to choose a convincing message.
the message for AI action responder of LiveChatAI

Voila! You’re done!

Now, you will get instant alerts from your audience and make the right move.

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