Send Detailed Invoices via QuickBooks on Your AI Chatbot

Timely and accurate billing is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and streamlining financial operations. 

Integrating QuickBooks with LiveChatAI can automate the process of sending detailed invoices, making it easier for your customers to keep track of their purchases and for you to manage your accounts receivable. 

Here's how to set up your AI chatbot to send detailed invoices automatically:

1. Define specific customer requests or actions that should initiate the sending of an invoice, such as after a purchase is confirmed or when a customer asks for an invoice.

2. Craft responses that the chatbot will use when invoicing actions are triggered. This script should include acknowledging the invoice request, accessing the relevant transaction details, and confirming once the invoice has been sent.

3. Connect your AI chatbot to QuickBooks to access real-time data necessary for generating detailed invoices. This integration ensures that invoices are populated with the correct data and sent to customers without manual intervention.

How to Create an AI Chatbot for Sending Invoices on QuickBooks on AI Chatbot

Before starting the process, here is the ready template for sending invoices on QuickBooks on AI chatbot on

By following these steps, you can enhance your store's functionality with an efficient, AI-driven invoicing system that saves time, reduces errors, and improves customer interactions.

1. Go to the “AI Actions” tab by logging into your LiveChatAI account and click “Create an AI action”.

creating an AI action on the LiveChatAI dashboard

2. Write a specified condition for your AI actions properly for getting invoices from QuickBooks.

specifying condition on QuickBooks and LiveChatAI integration

3. Add new variables to get the details. You can include IDs and necessary values for this field.

adding inputs for QuickBooks and LiveChatAI integration

4. The stage is’s now! You can use the ready template for your scenario by changing the values based on your personal information.

What you need to pay attention to are:

When you are using the template, there will be some parts that you need to customize with your personal information and your expectations from your AI chatbot.

We mention the details below:

  • In the first module, you should connect the LiveChatAI account to the module with your own information and AI action ID.
the first LiveChatAI module for QuickBooks and LiveChatAI integration
  • For the Quickbooks module, you should connect your QuickBooks account to the scenario.
the QuickBooks module for QuickBooks and LiveChatAI integration
  • For the final module, you need to decide what your message will be for your customers when they ask for the invoice details from Quickbooks.
the LiveChatAI AI action responder for QuickBooks and LiveChatAI integration

And you’re ready!