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The Best 8 My AskAI Alternatives with Detailed Reviews

When anyone wants to use AI for their business’s customer support, the first aim while choosing is that it needs to be practical, accurate, and budget-friendly at the same time.

My AskAI mostly meets these requirements and creates a practical chatbot with a few steps.

However, My AskAI is not the only chatbot that can create human-like conversations by giving answers from documents and websites.

Therefore, we have gathered the best 8 My AskAI alternatives for you to find the best alternative to enhance the quality of your customer service.

What is My AskAI?

The aim and the rating of My AskAI are displayed on the above-the-fold part of the homepage

My AskAI is a chatbot that gets help from bothChatGPT and your current content to create a simple and practical solution for websites.

My AskAI allows you to create a chat within 2 minutes, and there are quite straightforward steps to build your own chatbot.

Additionally, it is important to consider the integrations of My AskAI for launching the chatbot on different platforms.

●    Privacy and security at high importance

●    GDPR Compliance

●    Multilingual

●    White label APIs

●    Analytics to learn the habits of your customers

●    Impact of ChatGPT

Pricing→ There are three pricing plans: Starter, Hobby, and Pro. My AskAI has quite affordable plans.

-      The Starter plan is free with one AskAI, three pieces of content, 50 questions, and some more features.

-      The Hobby plan is $16.65 per month with 3 AskAIs, 100 pieces of content, 1,000 questions, and more features.

-      The Pro plan is $82.50 per month with 10 AskAIs, 1,000 pieces of content, 10,000 questions, and more features.

-      The Beast plan is $832.50 per month with unlimited AskAIs, 10,000 pieces of content, unlimited questions, and more advanced features.

-      You can contact the team for an enterprise plan as well if these features are not sufficient for you.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 on Capterra.

The 8 Effective My AskAI Alternatives

My AskAI is a pretty useful chatbot to use onyour website, but there are many alternatives that can replace My AskAI.

Without ignoring the benefits of AI itself, we have searched for the best alternative that can increase the productivity of the whole team.

Let’s have a deeper look at them and decide what can be the best for you!

1. LiveChatAI

the homepage of LiveChatAI with the assertive motto and clear introduction

As an AI-powered chatbot, LiveChatAI can be a very close alternative to My AskAI.

LiveChatAI helps you create your own chatbot by training your documents, website, pages, and data with the help of ChatGPT.

Also, it is assured that with a few clicks and simple steps, it takes only minutes to create a chatbot for your website.


●    Modern chat interface

●    Easy human routing process

●    Long-term memory for chat history

●    Learning with feedback

●    Multi-channel approaches for integrations, like Slack, Intercom, and emails

●    Supporting image and media

●    GDPR Compliance

●    Security and privacy significance

What Users Like Most about LiveChatAI?

Adaptable chatbots, an easy process of adding API to the website, and analytics about the use of chats are the general points of LiveChatAI, according to the reviews of users.

Pricing→ There is a free forever plan and three paid plans. Paid plans are Basic, Pro, and Expert.

The Basic plan costs $39 per month with 5000 messages, one chatbot, and one website.

The Pro plan costs $89 per month with 10.000 messages, ten chatbots, and unlimited websites.

The Expert plan is more advantageous with features like 100.000 messages, 50 chatbots, and unlimited websites, which all cost $389 per month.

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot.

2. Forethought AI

interactive and engaging above-the-fold of the Forethought AI’s homepage

Forethought AI provides high-qualified service for its customers and helps them provide a fully supported chat conversation.

Also, Forethought AI gives importance to both creating the interaction between you and your customers and maximizing efficiency and ROI for your business.

Forethought AI has a cycle of 4 steps to help customers: Solve, Triage, Assist, and Discover.


●    Automating answers through many channels

●    Arranging the routing based on your needs

●    Faster response times

●    The use of LLMs (Large Language Models)

●    Tracking performance and analytics

●    Integrations with Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, and more

What Do Users Like Most about Forethought AI?

People like the easiness of automation, the timely side of Forethought AI, and the customization capabilities most about Forethought AI.

Pricing→ If you are interested in Forethought AI, you need to contact the team of Forethought AI to create a demo and learn the pricing. The pricing changes based on the features you need and aim to have.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 on Capterra.

P.S: Forethought AI was formerly known asAgatha AI.

3. LetsAsk.AI

an introductory video with an effective explanation

LetsAsk.AI trains ChatGPT, considers all the data needed, and creates the chatbot.

With a clear dashboard and quick set-up process, LetsAsk.AI is one of the most powerful alternatives to My AskAI.

Besides, LetsAsk.AI tries to create a brand image, so customization options are advanced for managing specific use cases.


●    Multilingual

●    GDPR Compliance

●    Extra security and privacy access

●    Customized pricing plans

●    Integrations with Discord and Zapier

●    Embedding code effortlessly

What Do Users Like Most about LetsAsk.AI?

Since LetsAsk.AI is a no-code, quick, and easy tool to use, along with its allowing smooth integration, LetsAsk.AI is also favored by people.

Pricing→ The plans of LetsAsk.AI are Basic, Pro, and Business. There are both monthly and annual plans.

The Basic plan costs $19 per month for a 7-day free trial, 1,000 messages/month included, and 10 chatbots.

The Pro plan costs $99 per month for a 7-day free trial, 10,000 messages/month included, and 20 chatbots.

The Business plan is $499 per month for a 7-day free trial, unlimited messages, and unlimited chatbots.

When you prefer yearly plans instead of monthly ones, you will get two months free and more affordable.

Rating: #3 Product of the Week in Marketing on Product Hunt.

4. Wonderchat

The explanatory aim and a CTA button are displayed on the homepage of Wonderchat

Wonderchat is a chatbot builder based on your knowledge base in the most instant way possible.

Also, Wonderchat has a very clear and straightforward interface to use and implement on your website.

By integrating the code and building the chatbot in 5 minutes, Wonderchat will be ready to work with the data you have provided.

It is displayed that the more data you have, the higher price you will have to pay.


●    Multilingual

●    Analytics and insights

●    Getting customer feedback

●    No coding knowledge needed

●    Adding team members

●    Compatible with different CMS

What Do Users Like Most about Wonderchat?

The users of Wonderchat like the integration of the chatbot into websites, 24/7 helpful support, and easy way of setup.

Pricing→ Wonderchat allows you to create a free chatbot with ten messages, 50 web pages, 10 PDF pages and without the need for adding a credit card.

The paid plans include the Lite, the Basic, the Turbo, and the Professional.

With the monthly planning, the Lite plan costs $49 per month for 500 messages, 1000 web pages, and 200 PDFs.

The Basic plan costs $99 per month for 1000 messages, 2500 web pages, and 500 PDFs.

The Turbo plan costs $249 per month for 5000 messages, 5000 web pages, and 1000 PDFs.

The Professional plan costs $499 per month for 10,000 messages, 10,000 web pages, and 2000 PDFs.

If you prefer yearly plans, you will get two months off.

Rating: 5 out of 5 with some reviews on Product Hunt.

5. Automatic Chat

simple above-the-fold of the Automatic Chat’s homepage

Automatic Chat is one of the most assertive My AskAI alternatives on this list because it assures building a chatbot in 10 seconds with your website link only.

Considering the steps, Automatic Chat is practical and ready to train in minutes.

Also, since there is a step-by-step guiding process with the dashboard, you will not get confused and continue the process.


●    Quick chatbot ability

●    Security and privacy highlighted

●    Multilingual

●    Various customization options

●    Tracking conversation logs

●    Reports and analytics to monitor performance

WhatUsers Like Most about Automatic Chat?

We could not reach any user reviews, but the examination shows that the features are the factors that help Automatic Chat shine.

Pricing→ We can say the pricing plan of Automatic Chat is affordable enough. For the annual plans of Automatic Chat, there are five plans. You can try them with a 7-day free trial and cancel anytime if you don’t like the tool.

The first plan is Basic for $9 per month with 100 conversations and one chatbot.

The second plan is Standard for $29 per month with 400 conversations and one chatbot.

The third plan is Premium for $99 per month with 1250 conversations and three chatbots.

The fourth plan is Business for $349 per month with 5K conversations and unlimited chatbots.

The last plan is Enterprise starting at $699 per month, and the price varies depending on the demand.

Rating: We could not reach any rating.

6. Wotnot

the guiding CTAs and the important feature of Wotnot

Wotnot is a more developed chatbot builder than any other chatbot builder here. Even it provides more than what My AskAI offers.

Without coding and creating a very useful flow for the conversations, Wotnot gives a sense of professionalism and effectiveness while observing the types of chatbots.

Also, Wotnot maintains and serves the business solutions directly since the users pay attention to what they support and provide at the same time.


●    Analytics dashboard

●    Engaging bots in WhatsApp and SMS

●    Appointment booking

●    Auto Layout

●    Error debug

●    Multilingual

●    Ready-made templates

●    Third-party API possibility

What Do Users Like Most about Wotnot?

User-friendly live chat, 24/7 safe and secure chat, and integration variety are the factors that Wotnot users like most about it.

Pricing→ There are four plans for Wotnot. There is a free plan with 500 chats and unlimited users.

The first paid plan is the Basic for $49 per month monthly, and it has 2,000 chats and unlimited users.

Another plan is the Starter plan for $99 per month monthly, and it has 5,000 chats and unlimited users. Also, it is the most popular plan of Wotnot.

The last plan is the Premium plan for $299 per month in monthly billing, and it has 10,000 chats and unlimited users.

If you choose the annual billing plan, you have a chance to save 20%.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 on G2.

7. Chatling

the explanations and a video on the above-the-fold of the Chatling homepage

Chatling guides by adding data sources, customizing the chatbot, and embedding on your website within minutes.

By checking the conversations and getting insights, it is possible to evaluate the performance of customers’ chatbots.


●    Automatic setup

●    Reduce customer support workload

●    Available 24/7

●    Multilingual support

●    Mimicking human interaction

●    Immediate response

What Do Users Like Most about Chatling?

Personalization, providing customer engagement, and its being service-oriented are the critical points of Chatling.

Pricing→ There are free and four paid plans. In the free plan, there are 35 AI message credits, one chatbot, and 500,000 training characters.

The first plan is the Basic for $15 per month in the monthly billing for 2,250 AI message credits, five chatbots, and 2,250,000 training characters.

Another plan is the Pro for $35 per month in the monthly billing for 5,500 AI message credits, ten chatbots, and 4,500,000 training characters.

The fourth plan is the Ultimate for $99 per month in the monthly billing for 20,000 AI message credits, 25 chatbots, and 10,000,000 training characters.

The last plan is the Business for $299 per month in the monthly billing for 50,000 AI message credits, unlimited chatbots, and 15,000,000 training characters.

Rating: Though there are not many reviews, Chatling’s impact is fine.

8. Knowbo

the motto and the explanation of the homepage of Knowbo

Knowbo is another My AskAI alternative that provides a step-by-step guide to creating a chatbot in 2 minutes.

Customization options generally include colors, chatbot images, texts, logos, and chat icons.

Also, it is super easy to embed the code on your website since it is a simple snippet code, and it takes almost no time to deploy.


●    Up-to-date information

●    No additional training

●    Chat history

●    Easy deployment process

●    Checking sitemap

What Do Users Like Most about Knowbo?

Easy setup and customization are the favorite features shared by the users of Knowbo.

Pricing→ There is a 7-day free trial on all pricing plans, and there are three plans: Starter, Expert, and Ultimate.

The Starter plan is $19 per month for one chatbot, 100 customer messages, and 50 source URLs.

The Expert plan is $39 per month for five chatbots, unlimited messages, and 500 source URLs.

The Ultimate plan is $79 per month for ten chatbots, unlimited messages, and 2000 source URLs.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 on Futurepedia. Since it is a new tool, there aren’t many reviews.


We hope that you have found your favorite My AskAI alternative among the options and decided what to go with.

For more alternatives like this article, you can check 10 Chatbase Alternatives with Review, Pricing and Rating.

Don’t forget to take reviews into consideration since every experience matters, and it can affect your decision process.

Frequently Asked Questions

To avoid any question marks on your mind, we have answered the most frequently asked questions.

1. Can My AskAI alternatives be customized for specific industries or domains?

Yes, many of these alternatives can be trained and customized for specific industries or domains. By providing industry-specific data and training, these knowledge workers can become more specialized in understanding and responding to queries related to that particular field.

2. What are the considerations for choosing the right My AskAI alternative?

When selecting an alternative knowledge worker, it's important to consider factors such as the accuracy of responses, customization options, ease of integration, scalability, cost, and the availability of customer support or training resources. Evaluating these factors will help you choose the one that best fits your specific requirements.

3. How secure is the information shared with My AskAI alternative?

The security of information shared with alternative knowledge workers depends on the implementation and infrastructure used. Reputable providers prioritize data security, employing encryption, access controls, and other measures to protect sensitive information.

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