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Top LivePerson Alternatives: An In-depth Competitors Review

As someone constantly seeking ways to optimize customer experience, you've likely heard of LivePerson. If not, let's get you up to speed on it. 

LivePerson is a prominent cloud-based AI messaging platform that aims to facilitate easy and productive communication between businesses and their clients. 

With an eye for enhancing customer interactions and fostering profitable relationships, LivePerson has become a go-to tool for many businesses around the globe, providing real-time chat functionality, a holistic view of customer data, and tons of other superior perks.

Though it offers multi-pronged communication channels and a robust analytics system, it's not always the perfect fit for every business. 

Certain user-interface challenges or sometimes costs can be a sticking point for some enterprises, and varied business needs may require alternative platforms. Hence, the necessity to explore LivePerson alternatives arises.

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Why Do People Look For LivePerson Alternatives?

A closer look at why businesses might need LivePerson alternatives can reveal that, while LivePerson has been an industry leader for several years, it's not without its weaknesses. 

Here are some of the common reasons businesses consider switching:

  • Cost: As mentioned earlier, LivePerson can be a bit steep for startups or smaller businesses that are trying to leverage limited resources to scale. While the platform provides advanced features, the sort-after 'LivePerson alternatives' is essentially companies looking for more budget-friendly solutions.
  • Flexibility and Customization: The one-size-fits-all concept rarely works in today's dynamic business environment. Companies prefer software that allows them to customize their customer interfaces per their unique brand proposition. Some businesses find LivePerson alternatives more flexible and capable of custom-tailored solutions.
  • Additional Features: Businesses always look for ways to streamline operations. Suppose an alternative software can offer essential extras such as ticketing or project management in addition to the customer support function. It may entice businesses to shift to a more comprehensive solution in that case.
  • User Friendliness: A simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface significantly enhances user experience. If users find LivePerson's interface complicated, they are prone to seek out more user-friendly LivePerson alternatives. 
  • Service and Support: Glitches are common even with the best software. But does the provider offer prompt and effective service and support? If LivePerson falls short in this area, businesses won't hesitate to switch to an alternative that guarantees excellent customer support.
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Features to Look For in LivePerson Alternatives

When seeking alternatives to LivePerson, it's crucial for businesses to identify the features that are essential to their operations.

Here are key areas to consider in your search for the best LivePerson alternatives:

  • Ease of Use: Look for a platform that is easy to navigate and implement, requiring minimal IT support. Staff should be able to learn and adapt to it quickly.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Customers communicate with businesses on various platforms in this digital age. An ideal LivePerson alternative can converge these different platforms into one convenient location.
  • Customizability: As we mentioned earlier, customization is key. So, opt for software that allows you to align your customer's interface with your brand image.
  • Robust Analytics: Go for a solution that provides powerful analytical tools that help you deeply understand your customers' needs and track key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Scalability: Choose a solution that can grow with your business. It should be able to handle increased customer interactions seamlessly as you scale your business operations.
  • Integration: It's essential that the chosen software can integrate effectively with other tools and systems you currently use in your business.
  • Pricing: The cost has to be right. Consider the pricing plans of each software and ensure it fits well within your budget without compromising on necessary features.
  • Reliable Support: Ensure that your chosen alternative provides excellent customer service support, including swift and effective troubleshooting and consistent product updates.

In the hunt for the perfect LivePerson alternative, it's helpful to note that one primary aim is to ensure your investment centers around software that aligns with your company's objectives and enhances customer engagement. 

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Top 4 Free LivePerson Alternatives

When looking at free LivePerson alternatives, several incredible free live chat solutions can be a great fit for your business. 

Let's dive into some of the top ones that are truly worth considering:


the homepage of which is a popular chat tool is a highly popular free live chat app offering businesses an efficient and customizable platform. 

It allows you to add multiple agents, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver superior customer service from your website. 


- It allows unlimited agents, making it scale with your business.

- supports multiple languages, making it an excellent option for businesses catering to a global audience.

- It offers robust reporting and tracking capabilities to better understand user behavior and preferences.


- It lacks a built-in ticketing system, which might be a downside for some businesses.

- Even though is free, features like removing the branding or getting analytics reports come with a price.


In addition to being a 'free LivePerson alternative, offers a premium plan at $15 per agent per month. This paid plan offers additional features like removing branding, video and voice add-ons, and usage analytics.

2) Zoho SalesIQ

the page of Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho is notable for its extensive suite of business-friendly tools. Zoho SalesIQ is no exception. 

It offers a free version and can be a great starting place for startups.


- Integration with other Zoho tools and Google Analytics adds to its functionality.

- Zoho SalesIQ offers useful features like visitor tracking and insights into customer behavior.

- It allows you to add pre-set templates for common queries, hence improving agent efficiency.


- Some users might find the UI a bit bulky and the setup process somewhat tedious.


Zoho SalesIQ offers a free version. However, they have four paid plans - Basic (€7 per month billed annually), Professional (€12.75 per month billed annually), and Enterprise (€20 per month billed annually) – each progressively offering more advanced features.

3) Chatra

the homepage of Chatra which is a free LivePerson alternative

Chatra is another noteworthy choice for businesses looking for free LivePerson alternatives. 

It allows you to engage with your clients in real-time or let them leave a message when you're offline.


- It offers multi-lingual chat support, thereby catering to global clients.

- Chatra provides essential features like real-time visitor analytics, offline messages, and group chats even in its free version.


- It restricts the number of agents in the free version, limiting growth potential.

- Businesses might have to upgrade for additional features like saving and exporting reports.


Chatra's free plan may fit small businesses, but it has excellent paid plans starting at $17 per agent per month billed annually. They also have a Pro plan, billed at $23 per agent per month, which includes advanced features like targeted messages and operation hours.

4) Pure Chat

the homepage of Chatra which is a free LivePerson alternative

Pure Chat is a powerful yet straightforward live chat solution best suited for small to midsize businesses. 

Even though feature-rich, it remains user-friendly. That’s why we have decided to share you as one of the alternatives to LivePerson.


- Customizable chat box to align with your brand and comprehensive visitor tracking for better insights.

- Integration with prominent platforms like WordPress and Shopify for seamless functionality.


- Advanced features are only available in paid plans, like CRM integration, SMS notifications, and detailed reports.

- The free plan supports only one user.


It offers a free trial for 30 days. Pure Chat's Growth plan is $39 per month, billed annually, including four users and unlimited websites. Plus, Pure Chat’s Pro plan is $79 per month, billed annually. If you want to include more features, they are also charged based on demand. 

In conclusion, while finding 'free LivePerson alternatives is possible,' remember that 'free' does not always mean 'best.' 

It's crucial to weigh the pros and cons of each software against your specific business requirements. 

Despite being free, the offerings on this list come with quite a punch, especially for small businesses and startups. Therefore, take the time to explore each and see how well they align with your needs. 

They could be the solution you've sought to elevate your customer interaction game.

Top 5 Paid LivePerson Alternatives

A budget-friendly solution is a priority for sure. 

But when you're ready and willing to invest, paid solutions often provide a bundle of features that can significantly boost your customer experience strategy. 

Let's explore some of the popular paid LivePerson alternatives:

5) Genesys Cloud CX 

 the homepage of Genesys Cloud CX as a sample for paid LivePerson alternative

Genesys Cloud CX is a comprehensive customer experience solution that bridges the interaction and customer journey over multiple channels.

Genesys Cloud CX provides a plethora of features ranging from voice and chats to emails and social, all presented on a single intuitive interface. 

Its AI predictive engagement tool is a standout feature that lets you personalize customer interaction.


- It offers deep integration with CRM, workforce management, and metrics systems.

- Powerful AI capabilities provide personalized customer interactions.

- It provides digital channel flexibility that adapts to customer communication style and preference.


- Steep learning curve due to a multitude of features.

- The pricing can be a bit high, especially for small business setups.


Genesys Cloud CX offers three main plans - Genesys Cloud 1 ($75 user/month), Genesys Cloud 2 ($95 user/month), and Genesys Cloud 3 ($135 user/month), all billed annually. Each subsequent tier offers additional and more advanced features.

6) Zendesk Support Suite

the homepage of Zendesk which is a communication tool

Zendesk Support Suite is a popular help-desk solution targeted at businesses wanting to deliver brilliant customer experiences across multiple channels.

Zendesk Support Suite tackles customer issues by bringing inquiries from different channels into a unified interface. 

It offers an omnichannel approach, making customer communication seamless and more coherent.


- One universal agent workspace to manage all customer conversations.

- Powerful reporting and analytics for decision-making insights.

- Offers a vast array of integrations with different software systems.


- The versatility of the software might require some time to master.

- Incremental costs associated with some additional feature integrations.


Zendesk has an array of plans with cost-effective options. the Support team is $19 per agent per month, the Support Professional starts at $55 per agent per month billed annually, and the Support Enterprise is $115 per agent per month.

7) Drift

Drift’s homepage as a sample for paid LivePerson alternatives

Drift has made a name for itself as a Conversational Marketing Platform that uses chatbots to drive better customer engagement.

Drift's model enables businesses to have real-time conversations with their customers or leads, leveraging the power of AI. 

It offers features like automated chatbots, email follow-ups, and account-based marketing.


- Bring a more human touch to your customer interactions with conversational AI.

- User-friendly interface with smooth navigation.

- Real-time visitor tracking and engagement.


- The AI might sometimes fail to grasp complex user queries.

- Detailed analytics features are only available in higher-priced plans.


Drift has three paid plans - Premium starting at $2500/month, Advanced at specific demand, and their Enterprise solution's cost is customizable. 

8) Freshdesk

the homepage of Freshdesk which is a paid LivePerson alternative

A cloud-based customer support software, Freshdesk ensures that all your customer conversations are unified in one centralized interface.

Freshdesk enables your team to collaborate and respond faster with features like shared team inbox, automated ticket dispatch, and SLA (service-level agreement) management.


- Robust multichannel support through email, phone, social, chat, and more.

- Extensive customization and easy-to-use interface.

- Affordable pricing when compared to similar platforms.


- Reporting capabilities might appear a bit complex at the beginning.

- You may need to incur additional costs for advanced features.


Freshdesk provides several packages, and we will focus on Support Desk plans. 

Freshdesk offers a free plan. Its Growth plan is $15 per agent per month. The Pro is $49, and the Enterprise is $79. The prices quoted are for annual billing.

9) Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud main page of the brand, Salesforce

Salesforce Service Cloud is an all-in-one customer service solution. It empowers businesses to offer exceptional customer service from anywhere.

Service Cloud equips teams with a 360 customer view, enabling them to deliver faster, smarter services instantly. 

It also extends and customizes customer service with custom apps and integrations.


- Powerful dashboard and analytics for a comprehensive overview of support.

- High customizability to suit different business needs.

- Integration with the broader Salesforce ecosystem increases its functionality.


- The plethora of features might be overwhelming initially.

- The cost can be a deterrent for small businesses.


Salesforce Service Cloud's pricing starts at €25 per user per month for their Essentials plan and goes up to €300 per user per month for their Unlimited plan billed annually.

In conclusion, these paid top LivePerson competitors deliver excellent value for money. 

They cater to the needs of all business sizes, with the added benefit of advanced features that could essentially provide an edge in your customer engagement strategies.

Comprehensive Comparison: LivePerson vs. Competitors

It's time to delve deeper and explore these alternatives vis-à-vis LivePerson. 

This comprehensive comparison will facilitate an appreciation of the features, benefits, and any potential shortfalls of these solutions to assure you of the best fit for your business needs.

LivePerson vs. Genesys Cloud CX

At first glance, both are similar - both being robust multi-channel customer experience platforms. But when you delve a tad deeper, differences become apparent. 

LivePerson excels in its real-time conversation offering, enhanced by powerful AI capabilities. 

On the other hand, Genesys Cloud CX brings a facet of Predictive Engagement to the table, offering personalized customer interactions based on previous data. 

Also, Genesys seems to be slightly better in terms of software integration with other tools, a crucial requirement for many businesses.

LivePerson vs. Zendesk Support Suite

While LivePerson focuses primarily on live chat, Zendesk Support Suite provides a broader range of contact mediums. Both, however, have unified interfaces to manage all customer interactions. 

Zendesk has the upper hand in terms of its plethora of integrations across a vast array of different software systems, adding to its functionality. 

However, LivePerson's real-time customer interaction offerings foster better customer relationships. 

Thus, choosing between these LivePerson alternatives should ideally rest on the specific features that align with your business needs. 

LivePerson vs. Drift

Drift brings a new flavor to the LivePerson alternatives competition with its conversational marketing platform. 

Both capitalize on AI capabilities, but Drift leverages AI to offer real-time conversations that tend to be much more personalized and human-like compared to LivePerson's chat-support-focused platform. 

On another note, Drift's user-friendly interface, replete with seamless navigation, gives it an edge over LivePerson. 

If you prioritize human-like customer interactions and intuitive experience, Drift might be your preferred choice.

two men looking at screens and dealing with an issue

LivePerson vs. Freshdesk 

The primary distinction between Freshdesk and LivePerson lies in Freshdesk's emphasis on ticket management. 

While LivePerson does offer a wide range of communication channels, when it comes to handling customer tickets efficiently, Freshdesk takes the lead. 

Additionally, Freshdesk offers extensive customizability and displays an easy-to-use interface. 

However, where LivePerson does stand out is in the collection and analysis of customer data. So, if your business is heavily vested in tracking customer data and interactions, LivePerson might still hold its appeal for you.

LivePerson vs. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud, much like LivePerson, offers an all-in-one customer service platform that allows businesses to deliver excellent customer support. 

However, what sets Salesforce apart is the powerful Salesforce dashboard and analytics capabilities and high customizability.

Still, LivePerson is not far behind with its robust analytics system. If we consider pricing, LivePerson might be more affordable and appealing to smaller businesses and startups.

Chatbot Options as LivePerson Alternatives 

As businesses globally strive to improve customer experience while balancing strained resources, many are turning to AI-driven solutions. 

 a chatbot smiling and choosing among options

An emerging solution to customer interaction challenges is using chatbots as a more versatile and budget-friendly alternative to traditional platforms. 

If you're considering LivePerson alternatives from a wider space, these could very well be your answer as well.

LiveChatAI: AI-powered Chatbot

the homepage of LiveChatAI, which is an AI-powered chatbot

Similar to what LivePerson has contributed to its own users, the main focus of LivePerson is creating interaction between brands and customers as an AI-powered chatbot.

Without any need for coding or further skills, uploading and training data are everything that needs to be done.

Evaluating your chat history and adding extra documentation to your chatbot in case of any development or optimization of the brand is provided.


- Advanced customization and integrations serve the needs of the customers and let you know about the details of conversations later on.

- Adding guiding tags and collecting lead generation is possible with LiveChatAI.

- When you change the prompt of your chatbot, it evolves and deals with your demands only.


- You may need to change your pricing plans based on the messages and characters that your plan has.

ChatGPT: An AI-Driven Solution

 OpenAI’s ChatGPT page to introduce the tool for users

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an AI language model that uses machine learning to carry out human-like text conversations. Imagine an ally that delivers non-stop and efficiently maintains customer interactions at any time.

It then leverages this understanding to engage in interactive conversations, understand contexts better, and provide more appropriate responses. 

This advanced machine learning capability delivers an exceptional chat support experience that can contend with any human interaction.


- ChatGPT's chat is 24/7, perfect for your clients who are scattered across different time zones.

- Its advanced machine learning capability allows ChatGPT to adapt and learn from each interaction, refining its application and responsiveness over time.

- Its installation is straightforward, and it can easily be integrated into existing websites, applications, or platforms.


- Detailed analytics features provided by traditional platforms like LivePerson may not be as comprehensive in AI chatbot alternatives.

- As with all AI-driven chatbots, it might sometimes fail to grasp complex user queries. (formerly MobileMonkey)

 the homepage of, which is a chatbot options for LivePerson alternative is an AI chatbot perfect for marketers and businesses alike, aiming to drive engagement and foster customer relationships. 

This innovative platform offers live chat systems that can work simultaneously on many sites, such as a business's website, Facebook page, SMS text, and more.


- optimizes customer relations strategies with multi-platform reach and seamless AI chat functionality.

- It boasts of robust integrations with major marketing platforms, ensuring that it fits well within your existing marketing infrastructure and aids performance tracking.

- Its setup is well-streamlined and does not require any coding, making the process easy for all.


- The free version has limited features, and you may need to opt for a paid plan to enjoy full functionality.

- As with AI models, handling complex inquiries might pose a challenge.


the landing page of Avio which is a chatbot sample

AI technology has transformed the game of customer support chat systems, and Aivo is a testament to this evolution. 

A player in the artificial intelligence space, Aivo offers efficient customer service through its AI chatbot. 

It is essentially a significant ally for businesses looking to optimize their time and resources.


- Aivo is multi-lingual, making this AI chatbot a universal tool that can cater to a vast array of customer bases.

- It boasts comprehensive 24/7 response capability, ensuring no downtimes on customer responses.

- With Aivo, the setup is user-friendly; you can have your AI chatbot up and running within a few hours.


- The AI chatbot might not adeptly handle more complex inquiries that require human judgment.

- They offer different paid plans for more advanced features, which might be a bit pricy.

The world of AI-driven chatbots is an evolving realm that could not only meet but elevate your customer interaction game. 

With offerings that align with the demands of a 'constantly-on' digital world, opting for AI chatbots could be a savvy move. 


By blending insightful overviews of various free and paid alternatives of LivePerson through in-depth feature analysis and a comprehensive comparative study, we have offered a broad gamut of options for businesses looking to enhance their customer service strategy.

In sum, enhancing customer interactions is no longer optional – it's a compelling business necessity in our digital era. 

The choice of a platform shapes the customer experience and, in turn, influences customer satisfaction, loyalty, and even your business reputation. Therefore, it's crucial to make an informed choice after thorough research.

Be it a cost-effective solution, an advanced high-budget platform, or an AI-powered tool, the best LivePerson alternative for you ultimately depends on your needs, objectives, and resources. 

Embrace the world of elevated customer interactions and journey towards a more effective, efficient, and rewarding business model. The horizon of enhanced customer service awaits you. 

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