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Frequently asked questions about Slack AI Assistant.

What do I need to start integrating LiveChatAI with my Slack workspace?
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You need a Slack account with administrative privileges and a LiveChatAI account to begin the integration process.
How do I integrate LiveChatAI with Slack?
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Follow these steps:
- Navigate to the Embed & Integrate section in your LiveChatAI dashboard.
- Click on "Add Slack" to initiate the integration.
- Follow the prompts to add LiveChatAI to your Slack workspace, including permission granting.
- Copy your LiveChatAI's API Token and ChatbotId.
- Enter the required details (API Token and ChatbotID) in your Slack workspace.
- Use the /askai command in Slack to start conversations with LiveChatAI.
Do I need special permissions to integrate LiveChatAI with Slack?
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Yes, you need to be a Workspace Owner in the Slack app to apply the integration process.
How can I start a conversation with the LiveChatAI bot in Slack?
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Either mention (@LiveChatAI) in the channel/conversation or click on the "Add Member" section, find LiveChatAI under the Integration tab, and add it to the conversation. Use the /askai command to engage LiveChatAI.
Can the LiveChatAI Slack bot access my Slack history?
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No, the bot is designed not to browse through your Slack history. To access specific information, you must export data from Slack and upload it in a compatible content format for the bot to use.
How can I customize the LiveChatAI Slack bot to match my business identity?
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To customize:
- Go to the Embed & Integrate section of your dashboard, under Slack Integration.
- Enter your business name and upload your logo in the "Slack bot username" and "Upload Slack bot avatar" section.
- Doing so provides a familiar and branded communication experience within your workspace.
What are the key benefits of integrating LiveChatAI with Slack?
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Integrating LiveChatAI with Slack enhances internal communication, customer support, and HR inquiries, making these processes more efficient. It allows for automated responses, streamlined communication, and a smarter way to manage your workspace with AI-driven solutions.
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Some reviews
from happy customers.

"Implementing LiveChatAI has been a game-changing experience for Popupsmart. Before LiveChatAI, we struggled with overwhelming support queries and long response times. Our support team was continually playing catch-up, and we were worried about customer satisfaction."
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Zeynep from Popupsmart
"Another fantastic feature is the bot's ability to send sample codes using Markdown formatting. This is extremely beneficial for our users, as it allows them to see code snippets in a clean, easy-to-read format. It's like having a knowledgeable developer on-hand to provide quick snippets, all automated and available 24/7."
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Nusret from Formcarry
"As a growing e-commerce business, we needed a solution to handle our increasing customer inquiries. LiveChatAI has been the perfect answer. Watching it learn and adapt to our business needs has been fantastic. It's given us a whole new perspective on customer interaction."
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Berna from QRCodeDynamic
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