Generate Price Quotes from Google Sheets on Your AI Chatbot

Providing accurate price quotes can significantly enhance customer engagement and streamline sales processes. 

Integrating Google Sheets with LiveChatAI allows for dynamic pricing adjustments and automated quote generation. 

Here’s how you can set up your AI chatbot to automatically calculate and provide price quotes using Google Sheets:

1. Determine specific customer inquiries or commands that should prompt the chatbot to generate a price quote, such as "What's the price of [product]?" or "Send me a quote for [product]."

2. Set up an AI action within LiveChatAI to interact with Google Sheets to fetch the correct data.

3. Connect your AI actions with Google Sheets via to access the formula that calculates the price. Customize the chatbot’s responses to provide personalized and detailed quotes based on the data retrieved.

By implementing these steps, your AI chatbot becomes a powerful tool for handling pricing inquiries, ensuring that customers receive instant and accurate financial information, thus improving the shopping experience and boosting your sales efficiency.

How to Create an AI Chatbot for Generating Price Quotes from Google Sheets on AI Chatbot

Before starting the process, here is the ready template for generating price quotes from Google Sheets on AI chatbot on

1. Firstly, log in to your LiveChatAI account and create an action for on the “AI actions” tab on your dashboard.

creating an AI action on

2. You need to write the specified condition for getting the price quote of the specific product from your certain Google Sheets.

specifying condition for price quotes on Google Sheets

3. By clicking on “Collect data,” you need to add variables to determine the aim. We write the inputs as the ‘Product Title’ and ‘the name of the product to know the price quote’ to clarify. Then, click “Create.”

inputs to specify the conditions and more

4. You can edit the created AI action whenever you want. You can change the condition, inputs, and the fallback message and also send test data when you wish.

created AI action for price quotes from Google Sheets

5. Now, it is time for to use the template for your own information to connect your accounts and make the automation go live.

What you need to pay attention to are:

  • You should connect your LiveChatAI account with your specific AI action ID.
LiveChatAI module on to watch AI actions
  • Then, you need to connect your Google account to the template with the values up there. 
Google Sheets module on to search rows
  • Lastly, you need to add a message. You can edit this message according to your product Google Sheets and target audience since you know them well. 
another LiveChatAI module for price quotes from Google Sheets for an AI action responder

Well done!

This is all, and you are ready to get the price quotes with an AI chatbot through LiveChatAI.