AI bot & human-support live chat simplified.

Reduce support volumes and increase customer
satisfaction in minutes with the GPT4-powered AI bot that is
trained with your own docs and content.

How LiveChatAI Works?

An innovative AI assistant, fueled by OpenAI technology, LiveChatAI offers solutions to intricate issues while delivering more secure and precise responses compared to other AI bots available today.

Train AI and create your GPT-powered live chat in minutes.

Empower your customer support with LiveChatAI. Quickly train your AI with specific content, and launch a GPT-powered live chat in just minutes. Enhance customer interactions with responsive and precise assistance, all at your fingertips.
No AI expertise needed.
Instant localization with 95 language.

Transform your content into intelligent customer engagement.

LiveChatAI is designed to learn directly from your brand's unique content, ensuring a personalized and informed interaction with your customers.

Accurate & Relevant Responses
Adding Custom Question & Answers
Adding Custom PDF & Text Content
Adding Entire Website & Help Center

Human when you need it.

LiveChatAI can triage complex problems and seamlessly pass them to your human support teams—so your customers get the best possible experience.
Live chat human support.
User choose when human support needed.

Trusted by 2K+ businesses
all over the world.

Four reasons LiveChatAI will transform your customer support.

Reduce support volume.
AI Bot
you can trust.
Works any
platform & language.

1. Dramatically reduce your support volume.

With LiveChatAI, you can quickly answer most customer questions, cutting support volume significantly.

Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to satisfied customers. It's the effortless way to streamline your customer service.
%70 AI Resolution Average
Improve Resolution Rate with AI
Average AI Bot Resolution Rate from Customer Queries
"Implementing LiveChatAI has been a game-changing experience for Popupsmart. Before LiveChatAI, we struggled with overwhelming support queries and long response times. Now, our AI answers resolve an astonishing 82% of queries, allowing our human support team to focus on more complex issues. The seamless blend of AI bot and live chat has not only streamlined our support but also enhanced customer satisfaction. "
mert aktas
Zeynep Sargın
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2. Answer issues instantly.

No one likes waiting.
We understand the value of immediate responses.
Our AI bot is designed to answer customer inquiries on the spot, boasting a remarkable 70% resolution rate.
Immediate Customer Satisfaction
Efficient Support Operations
Enhanced Resolution Rate
more than a chatbot
Improved Response Times
"Integrating LiveChatAI into our customer success strategy was one of the best decisions we've made. Our customers appreciate the quick responses, and our human support staff can now focus on more complex customer needs. LiveChatAI didn't just meet our expectations – it exceeded them."
mert aktas
Mert Aktas
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3. AI bot you can trust.

Import your content by simply adding your website.
We crawl all the pages on your website, and you can add which content should be trained.
Train AI with your website data in minutes.
Long-term memory up to 50M tokens.
GPT 4 and 3.5 supported.
AI Conversations in Inbox lets your team easily monitor all of AI’s responses and also Live Chat messages.
Human support
LiveChatAI can triage complex problems and seamlessly pass them to your human support teams.

4. Works any platform and any language.

LiveChatAI breaks down language barriers by supporting 95 different languages, ensuring seamless communication across diverse audiences.

Whether you're using our chat messenger, inline embedding, full page, or even our flexible API, LiveChatAI is designed to work effortlessly on any platform, anywhere
Chat Messenger
Inline & Full-page Chat
API Available For All Other Platforms
more than a chatbot

What sets LiveChatAI apart from the rest

Explore the key features that set LiveChatAI apart, offering a robust and intelligent customer support solution that seamlessly blends AI-driven automation with personalized human interaction.
Features included :
Unlimited AI Bots
Live Chat with Human
50M Character Content Import
Seamless Human Routing
API Available With Trained Data
Affordable pricing with message counts
Other Software
Features not included :
Limited AI Bots
Live Chat with Human
20K Character Content Import
Not Available Human Routing Option
Not Available AI API
Pricing with your total customers.

Frequently asked questions

What is LiveChatAI?
Introducing LiveChatAI, your ultimate AI bot architect. Harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT, it tailors your data into an interactive chat widget for your website. Simply upload a document or include a link to your site, and behold a chatbot ready to address any inquiries related to its content. With LiveChatAI, turn your information into an engaging conversation
How can I add my AI bot to my website?
Seamlessly integrate an iframe or introduce a chat bubble at the bottom right corner of your website. Simply generate a chatbot and select "Embed on website" to get started.
How to import my data?
LiveChatAI scrapes your website or helps center pages and collects all the content first. Then we will convert the content into the vector database and creates long-term memory to use in Chat.
Can I share a AI Bot I created?
Indeed, the AI bot you craft are set to private by default, but you have the flexibility to alter these settings, making them public, and freely share them with anyone you choose.

Some reviews
from happy customers.

"Implementing LiveChatAI has been a game-changing experience for Popupsmart. Before LiveChatAI, we struggled with overwhelming support queries and long response times. Our support team was continually playing catch-up, and we were worried about customer satisfaction."
Read the full review on
Zeynep from Popupsmart
"Another fantastic feature is the bot's ability to send sample codes using Markdown formatting. This is extremely beneficial for our users, as it allows them to see code snippets in a clean, easy-to-read format. It's like having a knowledgeable developer on-hand to provide quick snippets, all automated and available 24/7."
Read the full review on
Nusret from Formcarry
"As a growing e-commerce business, we needed a solution to handle our increasing customer inquiries. LiveChatAI has been the perfect answer. Watching it learn and adapt to our business needs has been fantastic. And the analytics? Pure gold! It's given us a whole new perspective on customer interaction."
Read the full review on
Berna from QRCodeDynamic

AI Bot & human-support live chat in minutes.

GPT-4 Available
Customized AI Bot
Human Handoff Options
Instant Answers
Trained Data API
Automated Customer Support
Tailored AI Bot
Knowledge Sharing
Simple Setup
Cards for your whole team.
API Available
Money Back Guarantee
Reduce Support Volume
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Cards for your whole team.