how to add LiveChatAI to WordPress as an AI chatbot
How to add WordPress AI chatbot with LiveChatAI

How to Create an AI Chatbot for Your WordPress Site

WordPress is a famous content management system (CMS) used by more than 835 million people worldwide.

WordPress can be used for many different purposes, and if you want to elevate the experience of communicating on your website, LiveChatAI serves as a very simple and efficient solution for you.

Since creating a WordPress AI chatbot with LiveChatAI is seamless, let’s start with how to add an AI chatbot to your WordPress site

How to Create a WordPress Chatbot with LiveChatAI 

To create a WordPress chatbot, what you need to do is:

Before starting the chatbot embedding, you can customize your WordPress chatbot for your brand and make changes. 

Step 1- Now, on the LiveChatAI dashboard, go to the “Embed & Integrate” tab.

the Embed & Integrate tab of the LiveChatAI dashboard

Step 2- Choose the target visibility option of your WordPress chatbot. The options are messenger as a floating button, full-page chat, and inline chat. We’ll go with the Messenger option and copy the embed code with the “Copy to clipboard” button.

the Messenger chat embedding with the code on LiveChatAI

Step 3- Then, go to the WordPress dashboard and find “Appearance” on the left sidebar.

the Appearance tab on the WordPress dashboard

Step 4- Find “Theme File Editor” as the bottom option.

the Theme File Editor on the left sidebar of WordPress

Step 5- On the right side of the Theme Editor, you will find the “footer.php” under Theme files.

the footer file under the Theme files of WordPress website

Step 6- After pasting the embedded code at the bottom of the code source, click “Update file.

That’s all! You have a WordPress chatbot on your site now. 

What is a WordPress Chatbot?

A WordPress chatbot is like a helpful assistant that you can create with LiveChatAI for your WordPress website that can chat with visitors just like a person would. 

It's built using smart technology to understand what people are asking and can do many helpful tasks by itself. 

You can find these chatbots on many WordPress websites, ready to:

  • Answer common questions visitors have.
  • Show people around the website, helping them find what they want.
  • Offer help any time of the day, even when everyone else is asleep or away.
  • Handle small tasks like booking appointments or even making sales.

Think of it as a friendly help that's always there to ensure visitors have a great time on your site and get the help they need without waiting.

Top Reasons Why You Should Have a WordPress Chatbot  

1- Increased Engagement and Interaction: WordPress chatbots help you keep visitors engaged with interactive and personalized conversations, significantly reducing bounce rates and encouraging users to explore your website more thoroughly.

2- Lead Generation and Sales: WordPress chatbots can be programmed to identify potential leads, initiate conversations to pique interest, and guide users through the sales funnel with the email capture form feature of LiveChatAI, all of which directly contribute to revenue generation. 

3- Gathering Insights and Feedback: WordPress chatbots can easily collect valuable feedback and insights from interactions with visitors, providing data that can be used to improve products, services, and the overall user experience.

Use Cases for Using WordPress Chatbot

  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions: Instantly respond to common inquiries, reducing the need for manual customer service intervention.
  • Website Navigation Assistance: Guide visitors through your website, helping them find the information, products, or services they're looking for with ease to improve customer experience on the website.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Provide round-the-clock assistance to users, ensuring they receive help outside of standard business hours.
  • Lead Generation: Engage with potential customers, collect contact information, and qualify leads automatically to support your sales team.
  • Appointment Booking and Scheduling: Allow users to schedule appointments or book services directly through the chat interface, streamlining the reservation process.
  • Live Chat Handover: Seamlessly transfer complex conversations from the chatbot to a live agent when human intervention is necessary.
  • Feedback Collection: Solicit and gather user feedback and opinions with your AI chatbot through interactive chatbot surveys or questionnaires.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Offer product or content recommendations based on the user's interactions, preferences, or past behavior on the website.
  • Language Translation: Communicate with users in multiple languages, broadening your website's accessibility to a global audience with multilingual chatbots.
  • Transactional Functions: Facilitate simple transactions, such as taking orders or processing payments, directly within the chat interface.
  • User Behavior Analysis: Collect and analyze user interactions and behavior data, providing insights to optimize the website and marketing strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can WordPress chatbots powered by LiveChatAI understand and respond to any question?

Chatbots powered by LiveChatAI are designed with AI and NLP to understand a wide range of queries, but their accuracy depends on the complexity of the question. Therefore, you should create a proper prompt to handle your customer queries.

Is LiveChatAI free to create WordPress chatbots?

Yes, you can start creating a WordPress chatbot for free with LiveChatAI. If you want to have further opportunities, you can consider upgrading your plans in a budget-friendly way.

Can I customize the WordPress chatbot to match my website’s theme?

Yes, you can customize and arrange the styling of the WordPress chatbot as you like with the customization options to ensure the chatbot aligns with your site’s design and branding.

How do WordPress chatbots handle complex inquiries they can’t answer?

WordPress chatbots created with LiveChatAI handle visitors' complex queries. However, if you have doubts about your prompt, you can enable the human agent feature of LiveChatAI to ensure that users are directed to the right support channel when necessary.

Do WordPress chatbots work on mobile devices?

Yes, WordPress chatbots are designed to be responsive and work across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones, providing a consistent user experience.

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