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Partnerships & White Label

Discover partnership opportunities with LiveChatAI. Join us in our mission to redefine business communication with advanced AI technology. Together, we can drive innovation, create value, and shape the future of intelligent communication in the business world.

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What sets LiveChatAI apart from the rest

Explore the key features that set LiveChatAI apart, offering a robust and intelligent customer support solution that seamlessly blends AI-driven automation with personalized human interaction.
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Features included :
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Unlimited AI Bots
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Live Chat with Human
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Unlimited Content & Data Import
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Seamless Human Routing
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API Available With Trained Data
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Affordable pricing with message counts
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AI Actions with no-code options
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Other Software
Features not included :
Limited AI Bots
Live Chat with Human
20K Character Content Import
Not Available Human Routing Option
Not Available AI API
Pricing with your total customers.
Not Available AI Actions

We are backed by smart investors.

We are inspired by investors who support us and develop our vision.
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AI Chatbot simplified.

GPT-4 Available
Customized AI Bot
Human Handoff Options
Instant Answers
Trained Data API
Automated Customer Support
Tailored AI Bot
Knowledge Sharing
Simple Setup
Cards for your whole team.
API Available
Money Back Guarantee
Reduce Support Volume
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Cards for your whole team.