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PDF to TIFF Converter

Easily convert your PDF files into TIFF images with simple steps for free and online.
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What is the PDF to TIFF Converter?

PDF to TIFF Converter is a user-friendly tool that converts PDF files to Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) images in seconds.

This conversion ensures that document quality, resolution, and structure are perfectly preserved.

It offers users a convenient way to convert and store their documents in a widely compatible image format.

Here are the use cases for PDF to TIFF Converter:

  • Architectural Accuracy: Architects and engineers convert complex PDF blueprints into high-resolution TIFF files.
  • Cultural Heritage Digitization: Museums and libraries use the converter to transform historical documents and artworks into TIFF format, ensuring long-term preservation and digital accessibility of cultural treasures.
  • GIS Mapping Precision: Geographic Information System experts rely on the converter to maintain the intricate details and extensive metadata of satellite imagery and layered data maps in their digital mapping projects.
  • Animation and Film Editing: In film and animation, the converter is essential for converting storyboards and frame-by-frame imagery into high-quality TIFF images.
  • High-Fidelity Academic Archives: University researchers use the converter to digitize rare manuscripts and handwritten notes.

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How PDF to TIFF Converter Works?

Convert your PDFs to TIFF format in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Upload your PDF by clicking 'Choose File' or simply drag and drop it.

the first step of converting pdf files to tiff images

Step 2: Decide to convert the entire document or select specific pages.

choosing conversion type

Step 3: Start the process with a click, whether converting the whole PDF or selected pages.

extracting images step

Step 4: Download each image individually or in a ZIP file.

completing step of converting pdf to tiff

Benefits of PDF to TIFF Converter

Converting PDF to TIFF offers several unique benefits, particularly in contexts where image quality, editing flexibility, and compatibility are crucial. 

  • Customizable Resolution with DPI Settings: The ability to select dots per inch (DPI) is especially useful for high-quality printing or when the TIFF image is designed for large-scale displays.
  • Versatile Compression Options: The tool provides TIFF file compression schemes like LZW, RLE, or ZIP. This flexibility allows users to balance between image quality and file size.
  • Industry Versatility: Widely accepted in publishing, legal, healthcare, and engineering due to its non-compressed format.
  • Time-Saving Profiles: Set up conversion profiles for recurring tasks, which can be applied to future batch conversions.

P.S: To save time and manage your documents, you can chat with PDF to get the most efficiency from them.

Tips to Use PDF to TIFF Converter

  • Choose the Right DPI: For printing, use a high DPI for clear details. A lower DPI can work well for viewing on screens, making the file smaller but still good quality.
  • Smart Compression: Use LZW compression for detailed images without losing quality. RLE is good for simpler images. If color isn't key, lower the color depth to reduce the file size.
  • Batch Convert Wisely: If you have many PDFs to convert, group those with similar settings together to save time.
  • Know Your Colors: Understand whether your PDFs use CMYK (for printing) or RGB (for screens), and pick the right one for your TIFF files.

P.S: For additional file size reduction or to convert your documents to black and white, try our free Compress PDF and Convert PDF to Grayscale Tool

Frequently asked questions

Is there a file size limit for the PDFs I can convert?
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There isn't a strict size limit, but remember that larger PDFs might take more time to convert. 
How fast can I convert my PDF to TIFF?
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The conversion speed depends on the size and complexity of the PDF. If you have a large PDF, you can merge your PDF first.
How do I choose the quality of my TIFF image?
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LiveChatAI's Free & Online PDF to TIFF Converter tool allows you to adjust the DPI (dots per inch) settings, letting you choose the quality of your TIFF image.