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How to Build a Shopify Chatbot for Tracking Orders

In the dynamic field of e-commerce, efficient and transparent order tracking is integral to stellar customer service. 

Shopify chatbots for order tracking hold the key to optimizing post-purchase customer interactions. 

This blog post explores the numerous advantages of implementing these Shopify chatbots in your Shopify store. Well beyond around-the-clock access to order statuses, they significantly refine the overall consumer experience in your digital storefront.

What Are Shopify Chatbots?

Shopify chatbots are automated messaging systems integrated into Shopify stores to streamline customer communication and improve online experiences.

Acting as virtual store assistants, these chatbots can instantly respond to customer inquiries and handle multiple interactions simultaneously. 

the representation of a conversation with a Shopify chatbot for tracking orders

From answering product questions, providing recommendations, and managing orders to offering after-sales service, Shopify chatbots are an all-in-one customer service solution for Shopify store owners. 

They're built using AI technology, allowing them to learn from past interactions and provide personalized responses, making customer interaction more engaging and efficient.

The Importance of Order Tracking in E-commerce

In the e-commerce industry, order tracking is a crucial aspect of the customer experience. 

Not only does it provide customers with visibility into their purchase journey, but it also instills trust and confidence in the merchant. 

Here are some key reasons why it’s important:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Customers appreciate transparency, and order tracking provides real-time updates about their purchases, increasing overall satisfaction.
  • Credibility and Trust: Providing accurate and prompt updates about the shipping process makes a business more reliable and trustworthy from a customer's perspective.
  • Reducing Customer Service Queries: When customers have access to tracking information, they're less likely to contact customer service for order updates, freeing your support team to focus on other areas.
  • Boosting Customer Loyalty: A seamless and transparent tracking process can improve customers' overall shopping experience, encouraging them to return and build loyalty.

In conclusion, order tracking is vital in enhancing customer experience, boosting trust, and retaining customers in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Benefits of a Shopify Chatbot for Order Tracking

Benefit Description
Automated Order Updates Delivers real-time order status notifications to customers, enhancing transparency.
24/7 Customer Service Provides round-the-clock order status updates, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Cost-Effective Handles all inquiries related to order tracking, reducing burdens on customer service and saving operating costs.
Higher Customer Engagement Facilitates consistent engagement via order status updates, fostering enduring customer relationships.
Personalized User Experience Offers personalized services based on customer interactions and preferences, enhancing user experience and encouraging repeat business.
Reduced Cart Abandonment Rates Notifies customers about restocks on time, reducing cart abandonment rates.
Enhanced Brand Reputation Promotes brand value and credibility through accurate, fast order updates and reliable service.
Increase in Sales Boosts sales by suggesting related products post-purchase based on customer’s past behavior.

How to Set up a Chatbot for Order Tracking on Shopify

To create a Shopify AI chatbot for tracking orders using LiveChatAI, you can follow these adapted steps, keeping the core process the same:

Step 1: Create a LiveChatAI Account

Register with LiveChatAI to commence the development of your AI chatbot. Tailor your bot to align with your Shopify store’s branding and specific needs, particularly focusing on order tracking.

the sign-in page of LiveChatAI

Step 2: Add Your Shopify Store URL

When selecting your website as the data source, input your Shopify store's URL or sitemap. 

This enables the AI to become acquainted with your store's layout, product catalog, and customer service protocols, which is crucial for handling order-tracking inquiries.

adding website as a data source on LiveChatAI

Given that your goal is to facilitate order tracking, your data source should be a blend of Q&A (to cover frequent queries about order statuses) and your Shopify site (for the AI to grasp your store's operations).
Upload a CSV or manually enter questions and answers pertinent to order tracking, such as "Where is my order?" or "How can I check my order status?" Provide responses that direct users to track their orders within your store.

Step 3: Import Content & Train Your AI

Select appropriate pages from your website that offer information on order processing, shipping, and tracking, and educate your AI using this content. Fine-tune the included pages by adding or omitting them as necessary, and then import the content to construct your AI chatbot.

choose pages to train AI on LiveChatAI

Step 4: Human Support Option

Choose whether to integrate human support for complex inquiries or when customers seek personalized help with their orders. This feature can be toggled based on your customer service strategy and resource availability.

modal for human support agent activation

Step 5: Customize Your AI Chatbot

  • Preview: Experiment with your AI chatbot's performance, particularly in how it manages order tracking inquiries.
the preview step of LiveChatAI
  • Settings: Modify settings to enhance the chatbot's efficiency in providing order status updates. For example, you might configure it to ask for an order number after a brief interaction.
the settings step of LiveChatAI
  • Customize: Design the chatbot’s initial greeting to indicate assistance with order tracking, e.g., "Need help tracking your order? I'm here to help!"
the customize step of LiveChatAI

Step 6: Embed & Integrate

Proceed to the "Embed & Integrate" section within your LiveChatAI dashboard and extract the specific chat embed code for your chatbot.

the Embed & Integrate step of LiveChatAI

Step 7: Shopify Integration

In your Shopify admin panel, navigate to "Online Store" > "Themes." Select "Edit Code" for your current theme.

online store on Shopify for editing code

Step 8: Implement the Chatbot

Paste the chatbot embed code you copied earlier into your theme’s "theme.liquid" file, ideally just before the closing </body> tag, and apply the changes.

theme liquid file of Shopify

By adopting these steps, you can establish a Shopify AI chatbot focused on streamlining order tracking for your customers, enhancing their post-purchase experience.

Features of Shopify Chatbots for Order Tracking

Shopify chatbots designed for order tracking come equipped with a range of features aimed at enhancing the customer experience by providing timely and accurate information regarding their orders. Here are some key features:

1. Real-Time Order Status Updates

  • Functionality: Allows customers to receive instant updates on their order status, including processing, shipment, and delivery stages.
  • Benefit: Reduces customer anxiety by providing transparency and reassurance about their orders' progress.

2. Order Number Recognition

  • Functionality: Chatbots can recognize and validate customer order numbers to fetch specific order details.
  • Benefit: Streamlines the process of tracking orders, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

3. Shipping Information and ETA

  • Functionality: Provides detailed shipping information, including carrier details and estimated time of arrival (ETA) for orders.
  • Benefit: Keeps customers informed about when to expect their orders, enhancing satisfaction and trust.

4. Multi-Language Support

  • Functionality: Offers order tracking assistance in multiple languages to cater to a diverse customer base.
  • Benefit: Improves accessibility and convenience for non-English speaking customers, expanding the store's global reach.

5. Automated Order Inquiries Handling

  • Functionality: Automatically responds to common order-related questions, such as "Where is my order?" or "How can I track my shipment?"
  • Benefit: Reduces the workload on customer service teams and ensures timely responses, even outside business hours.
the chatbot representation for order tracking

6. Personalized Customer Interactions

  • Functionality: Personalizes conversations by addressing customers by name and recalling past interactions or orders.
  • Benefit: Enhances the customer experience by making interactions feel more human and tailored to individual needs.

7. Integration with Shipping Carriers

  • Functionality: Directly integrates with various shipping carriers to provide up-to-the-minute tracking information.
  • Benefit: Offers accurate and timely shipping updates, reducing the need for customers to visit multiple websites to track their orders.

8. Feedback Collection

  • Functionality: Collects customer feedback on their order tracking experience, allowing for continuous improvement.
  • Benefit: Identifies areas for enhancement in the tracking process and overall customer service, fostering a culture of constant improvement.

9. Escalation to Human Support

  • Functionality: Seamlessly escalates complex issues or customer frustrations to human customer support agents.
  • Benefit: Ensures that customers receive the help they need for more complex inquiries, maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

10. Notification and Alerts

  • Functionality: Sends proactive notifications and alerts about order status changes via SMS, email, or within the chat interface.
  • Benefit: Keeps customers engaged and informed without the need for them to check their order status actively, enhancing convenience and customer satisfaction.
the alerts and notifications for Shopify chatbot

11. 24/7 Availability

  • Functionality: Operates around the clock, offering order tracking support at any time of the day or week.
  • Benefit: Provides constant assistance, catering to customers in different time zones and those making inquiries outside of traditional business hours.

12. Order History Access

  • Functionality: Allows customers to view their order history and track multiple orders through a single interface.
  • Benefit: Improves user experience by centralizing order information, making it easier for customers to manage and track past and current orders.

13. Customizable Interaction Flows

  • Functionality: Enables businesses to customize the chatbot’s conversation flows, ensuring they align with brand tone and customer service protocols.
  • Benefit: Allows for a branded customer service experience that reflects the store's values and approach to customer care.

14. Easy Integration with the Shopify Platform

  • Functionality: Seamlessly integrates with the Shopify backend, ensuring accurate and up-to-date order information is used.
  • Benefit: Reduces the likelihood of errors in order tracking information, ensuring customers receive reliable updates.
the representation for Shopify order tracking

15. AI-Powered Insights

  • Functionality: Utilizes AI to analyze customer interactions and identify trends or issues in the order fulfillment process.
  • Benefit: Offers valuable insights that can help businesses improve their operations, customer service, and overall customer satisfaction.

Best Practices for a Chatbot for Order Tracking on Shopify

Implementing best practices for a chatbot dedicated to order tracking on Shopify can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Here are some examples that illustrate these best practices:

1. Personalized Greetings and Recognitions

"Hi Alex! Ready to check the status of your latest order? Just drop your order number here!"

2. Clear, Step-by-Step Guidance

When a customer asks, "Where's my order?" the chatbot responds, "I can help with that! Please provide your order number to get started."

3. Proactive Updates and Notifications

Before a customer inquires, the chatbot sends an update: "Good news! Your order #12345 has been shipped and is on its way."

4. Multi-Language Support

Upon detecting a customer's language preference based on their browser settings, the chatbot switches to that language to provide tracking information.

the multilanguage support of a Shopify chatbot

5. Integration with Live Human Support

If the chatbot detects confusion or repeated questions, it offers to connect the customer with a live agent: "It seems you might need more detailed assistance. Would you like to speak with our customer support team?"

6. Simplified Order Number Entry

The chatbot allows customers to enter their order numbers in various formats, recognizing and processing them efficiently without requiring a strict format.

7. Visual Tracking Information

Alongside textual updates, the chatbot provides a visual map showing the current location of the customer's package and its journey.

8. FAQs and Additional Assistance

The chatbot offers answers to common questions related to order tracking, such as estimated delivery times and what to do if a package hasn't arrived.

9. Feedback Collection

After providing the order status, the chatbot asks for feedback: "Did I help you find what you were looking for today? Your feedback helps us improve!"

the Shopify chatbot representation for feedback collection

10. Consistent Branding and Tone

The chatbot's language and visual elements reflect the Shopify store's branding, creating a seamless experience: "Your cozy comforter is on its way to make your nights warmer! 🌙✨"


In conclusion, incorporating a chatbot for order tracking on your Shopify store is a leap toward operational excellence and unmatched customer satisfaction. 

As we've explored, the benefits extend beyond just providing real-time order updates; they include personalized customer interactions, reduced workload for support teams, and a deepened sense of trust and transparency with your brand. 

Using Shopify chatbots means keeping pace with e-commerce trends and setting the standard for customer service excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Shopify Chatbot respond during non-working hours?

Yes, the major advantage of using a Shopify chatbot is its ability to respond to customer queries round-the-clock, even outside regular business hours.

Can the Shopify Chatbot suggest products to customers?

Yes, besides order tracking, a Shopify chatbot also has the capability to suggest related products to the customer based on their past purchasing behavior, potentially driving additional sales.

Can I customize the responses of my Shopify Chatbot?

Yes. LiveChatAI allows for customizations to your Shopify chatbot’s responses, enabling the chatbot to emulate your brand voice and provide answers tailor-made for your business.