AI-Powered Success: How Popupsmart Leveraged LiveChatAI to Handle 82% of Queries Autonomously

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Popupsmart, a leading SaaS popup builder, was seeking to enhance its customer support efficiency while maintaining high-quality engagement. By integrating LiveChatAI, they achieved an astounding 82% resolution rate with AI-driven answers, minimizing the need for human-supported live chat to just 18% of queries.

The Challenge:

With a growing customer base and an increasing volume of support inquiries, Popupsmart's existing support system was becoming overwhelmed. They needed a solution that could provide instant, accurate responses to customer inquiries without sacrificing the human touch where needed.

The Solution: LiveChatAI Integration:

By implementing LiveChatAI, Popupsmart was able to:

1. Leverage AI-Powered Chat: Utilizing GPT-4 technology, LiveChatAI instantly resolved 82% of customer inquiries without human intervention.

2. Integrate Human Support: For more complex or specific queries, LiveChatAI seamlessly transitioned to human-supported live chat, accounting for just 18% of total interactions.

3. Customize and Train AI: Popupsmart trained the AI bot with specific content related to their brand and services, ensuring precise and relevant answers to customer inquiries.

4. Benefit from 24/7 Availability: With LiveChatAI's multilingual support, Popupsmart could assist customers around the clock in various languages.

The Results:

  • Increased Resolution Rate: Popupsmart's AI-driven answers handled 82% of all customer queries, a remarkable enhancement in efficiency.
  • Reduced Human Support Needs: Only 18% of inquiries required human-supported live chat, freeing up human resources for more specialized tasks.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: With quicker response times and accurate information, customer satisfaction levels soared.
  • Enhanced Scalability: LiveChatAI's adaptability allowed Popupsmart to effortlessly handle growing customer inquiries without significant increases in support staff.


LiveChatAI's combination of AI-driven chat with the flexibility of human interaction provided Popupsmart with an unparalleled solution to their support challenges. Their success story illustrates the power of integrating intelligent automation with human touch, achieving efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

For more information on how LiveChatAI can transform your customer support, contact us today.

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